Practice team

Heathcare team


Ms Marta Gorska (f)

Lead Pharmacist

Mrs Hazel Hathaway

Prescription Clerk

Social Prescribers

Ms Raya McGeorge

Community Midwifes

Our Midwifes have a clinic at Botley and Kennington once a week. They share the care of patients throughout their pregnancy with the GPs. The midwife team look after patients during delivery at the John Radcliffe Hospital and at home after delivery.

Mrs Sophie Davies (f)

Community Nurses

District Nurses provide nursing care in the community to patients who are housebound and their carers. They have a wide range of expertise but particularly in caring for the terminally ill, wound care and the management of continence. The district nurses can be contacted on 01865 326468.

Health visitors

Health Visitors are qualified nurses who have additional training in family and child health, health promotion and education. The Health Visitors office is in South Parade, Summertown, OX2 7JN. The Health Visitors can be contacted on 01865 903800.


A counsellor is attached to the practice. Referrals are made by a doctor or another health care professional within our team.

Attached staff

Mrs Sarah Oliver (f)

White Horse-Botley PCN
Social Prescriber

Mrs Phoebe Lewis

White Horse-Botley PCN

Physician associate

Ms Maurene Gallagher

White Horse-Botley PCN

Mental Nurse Practitioner

Mr Edward Brown

White Horse-Botley PCN


Mr Darren Holmes

White Horse-Botley PCN