28/03/2021 Update on Telephone system: During last week the practice experienced technical issues with the Network system used for the telephone lines. They were addressed with the engineers and solved by the end of the week. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

We would kindly ask the patients due a 2nd vaccine dose to NOT telephone the practice as they will be contacted individually by our Reception Team. These calls increase enormously the waiting times for other patients that need urgent care.

Please, use the online system to request prescription or consultations for minor or routine issues.

Thank you all~Botley Medical Centre~

23/03/2021 URGENT

Due to technical problems with the Network we are experiencing different issues with the telephone lines this morning.

We are sorry for the incovinience. We are expecting the engineeers to solve the issue asap.

Thank you for your understanding.

Botley Medical Centre


Appointments system ( from Monday the 12th of October)

*GP Appointments: To improve availability for GP appointments the surgery is running a "book on the day" system where patients can be booked with any of the available doctors on the day. Most of the GP appointments are now being carried out over the phone, video or on line consultations. After the doctor's assessment and when clinically appropriate the patient will be seen in person.

*Other clinicians: Physician Associates, Paramedic, Advanced Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Midwifes, Social Prescriber and Health Care Assistants' appointments can be booked in advance. Some of them will continue to be over the phone consultations in first instance.

Nurses and Healthcare Assistans' treatment will be carried out in person following the Covid-19 safety procedures already in place.

If you would like to make an appointment on the day, please phone the surgery between 08:00 and 14:00. Tel: 01865248719 / 01865 730911.

 Flu Season

You can now book your appointment for this year's flu jab. If you are entitled to a free jab,  please, phone the surgery after 11:00 a.m. to book your slot.

Flu clinics will be delivered on Saturdays at Botley Medical Centre and the Kennington Village Hall.

( starting the 19th of September)

You can also request your vaccination 'ad hoc' if you need to attend the surgery at a clinician's request. Other clinics to be delivered during the week by nurses and Hcas.

*Children: news to follow shortly.

#Don't take the risk this season#


The services in Botley Medical Centre's branch surgery in Kennington to be reinstated in October.

The surgery will undergo a deep clean according to all COVID safety procedures before staff are allowed back in to work and patients allowed in for face to face assessment when needed.

The exact date of the re-opening of our branch will be shortly announced to the patients and general public.

Botley Medical Centre would like to thank all the patients and all the staff for their support and co-operation during theses difficult times.


use the right service

Patient Care during Coronavirus 

As part of the NHS’s efforts to protect you and healthcare workers at this difficult time, Oxfordshire GP practices have changed the way they work in your area.

Kennington Health Centre premises are now a COVID-19 clinic, supporting patients with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus ONLY. Please be assured we are taking every precaution to protect the wider public and staff from the risk of infection. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE CLINIC IN PERSON unless you are advised to do so by NHS 111 or a clinician, where appropriate measures will be taken to protect both you and the staff.

If you need advice for any COVID symptoms, please continue to contact 111 online or on the telephone if you don’t have internet access. For any other health condition or symptom you should contact your practice as usual, unless it is outside of normal working hours, then please contact 111, which will direct you to the appropriate out of hours services. If you need to be seen face-to-face by a doctor or nurse, safe arrangements for this appointment will be made at another location.

The most important thing you can do to stay safe, protect your family and protect your NHS doctors and nurses is to follow Public Health advice to stay at home and keep your distance from other people.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

OCCG- Botley Medical Centre


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2nd Doses Astra Zeneca Vaccines Clinic

Mirroring AZ 1st doses vaccines given in January and early February 2021, we will be holding 2nd doses clinics this week. Patients will be contacted individually by phone or SMS to book their appointments for Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of April.

Please, do NOT contact the practice directly. Thank you.

(Update 13.04.2021)

Kennington Health Centre Vaccination Site (Update: 28/03/2021)

NEW CLINICS week commencing 29th March: We will be holding new clinics for 2nd doses (patients that had their 1st dose back in January) and 1st doses (only for remaining patients groups 1-9) during Wednesday 31st, Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd of April. As usual, patients will be contacted by the practice individually either by phone or text message. Please, do NOT contact the practice directly.


Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Clinics  (Update: 19.3.21)

Our  first three Clinics will be held on Friday 26th  March, Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March at the Kennington Vaccination Site.

The 2nd dose vaccinations will mirror the order of vaccinations groups of the 1st dose back in January.

 APPOINTMENT BOOKING: We will contact you during week commencing 22nd March to arrange your 2nd vaccination.  Please do NOT contact the practice.

Thank you~Botley Medical Centre~ 

Vaccination Clinics at Kennington Health Centre ( update 13/03/2021)

Our new vaccination Clinics for next week will be on :

               Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th.

These clinics will deliver  1st doses of the vaccines stil. 

The practice will contact each patient either by phone or text message. If you are contacted by message, you will have the opportunity to book your appointment directly through the link provided. 

2nd DOSES: Patients to be contacted by the practice during week commencing 22nd of March.

       Botley Medical Centre



Contact your doctor now to get advice on your problem

on line consult

1. Complete a simple form about your problem or request. To complete the form, please click on the link and follow the instructions:

2. Your GPs decide on the best treatment for you.

3. The practice calls you or emails you with advice, a prescription or an appointment

Covid 19: Patients and Public attending the practice
If you need to attend the surgery for an appointment, make sure to follow any instructions given to you by staff at the practice.
You should continue to take precautionary measures against coronavirus whilst in the practice, as you would in any public setting.
This includes:
 -Using hand sanitiser and frequently washing your hands.
-Avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands.
-Maintaining social distancing (making sure that wherever possible, there are at least two metres between you and another person).
-Wearing a face covering always unless you have an exemption card.
-If you need to use the toilet facilities at the practice, please ask for the key in Reception as our facilities are now locked due to Infection Control Guidelines.
 Thank you!

Next Covid Vaccination clinics for the 1st vaccination doses (Update 08/03/2021)

at Kennington Health Centre

on  Wednesday 10th,Thursday 11th and Friday 12tth of March. Please, do NOT contact the practice to make an appointment. All our patients are contacted by the practice individually by phone or text, for whom we have a mobile number. The text message will have a link to book your appointment via "AccuBook" directly.

COVID VACCINE 2nd DOSES :  Subject to vaccine supply we expect to start the 2nd dose vaccination within the week commencing 22nd March. Start date :TBC

The 2nd dose vaccinations will mirror the order of vaccinations groups of the 1st dose, but 11-12 weeks later. Patients will be contacted to have their 2n dose done.

Please, be patient# Thank you# BMC#


NHS England has announced that we will be receiving shortly new vaccine deliveries. The patients entitled to have their vaccine next will be contacted by the practice as usual. Please, do NOT contact the practice to make an appointment.

If you have already received a letter to book your appointment at the Oxford Vaccination Centre at The Kassam Satdium.

You can book an appointment on this link


NEXT Covid Vaccination clinics FOR PATIENTS IN GROUP 6  and for the 1st vaccination doses will be running at the designated site : Kennington Health Centre on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday the 27th of February. Please, do NOT contact the practice to make an appointment. All our patients are contacted by the practice individually.

#BMC# Stay safe#


Patients aged over 65 are now being invited for a COVID-19 vaccination. If you are aged 65-69 yrs old, you may receive a letter from the NHS  regarding your booking for the Covid -19 Vaccine. This age group is to be booked at the Oxford Vaccination Centre held at the Kassam Stadium and not at the GP practice. Please, do NOT contact the practice for your appointment regarding the Covid jab.

You can book for your vaccination at the Kassam Stadium on this link

~Thank you~

Covid Vaccination Clinics Update ( 16-02-2021)

Dear Patients,

Our NEXT Covid Vaccination clinics for 1st vaccination doses will be run at the designated site : Kennington Health Centre on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of February. Please, do NOT contact the practice to make an appointment. All our patients are contacted by the practice individually.

Housebound patients : All our Housebound patients are vaccinated at home by our clinical staff. Due to the vaccine mobility protocol, we are grouping the patients by address. We will be running another Housebound vaccination clinic this Thursday the 18th of February. Please, be aware that you will be contacted by the practice before the visit to confirm the date.

The practice is following the NHS national and regional guidelines for the Vaccination Programme. Information about 2nd doses will be shared with our patients as soon as we are informed by the NHS.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding

#Botley Medical Centre#Stay safe#

Invitations for COVID-19 vaccinations

 Across the country COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered to everyone over the age of 70 and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. So far, most patients vaccinated from this practice have received their vaccination at Kennington Health Centre vaccination site.
To speed up vaccinations being given, mass vaccination sites and some pharmacies are also offering the jab; these are being managed nationally. You do not need to wait for a letter from the NHS.
 If you are aged over 70 or are clinically extremely vulnerable, you can book an appointment by visiting this website: or by phoning 119. You will need your NHS number and date of birth which will be used to confirm you are eligible for the vaccination now.
 You can find your NHS number on any correspondence for hospital appointments.
Those that are considered extremely clinically vulnerable are those patients that were told to shield during the height of the pandemic because their medical condition made them more vulnerable to infection. If you choose to book a vaccination at one of the vaccination centres that are open every day, you may get your vaccination sooner but you may need to travel further. If you prefer, you can wait to be contacted by us and have your vaccination at Kennington Health Centre
We are making really good progress but are not running vaccination clinics every day. We do expect all patients over 70 to have had their vaccination by mid February.
 Whichever option you choose, it is important to be aware that you will need to have your second dose at the same place where you had your first dose and this cannot be changed.

*Botley Medical Centre*


Dear Patients

First of all, a huge Thank You to the many patients who have taken the time to write to us or sent messages and emails to say how pleased they have been with our Covid Clinics. We are extremely grateful for this as it has been a lot of hard work, but of course a tremendously important process. All the Staff and indeed the PPG Volunteers we have taken on, have enjoyed the experience of doing the job and being so warmly thanked for doing so.

We really appreciate the feedback and will endeavour to maintain the standard that we have seemingly achieved.

Next Clinic: We have Clinics this week (13th Feb). We are already reaching our ‘Cohort Age Limit’ as determined by NHSE/Government, having vaccinated just about 100% of all we can currently do. This achievement is down to you, our patients, as much as us.

Again, Thank you, from the Partners, Staff and Volunteers involved in the Vaccination process.

We are pleased to announce that Botley Medical Centre will be delivering the Covid 19- Vaccinations during  this coming weekend ( 9th of Jan. to 11th of Jan.).  There is a clear process of patient groups who we must vaccinate in order at the moment. 
Every patient will be contacted individually by our staff in the next coming days in order to book an appointment for their 1st dose of the vaccine. The Vaccination programme will be delivered at the Kennington Health Centre for all our registered population.
Please do NOT contact the surgery to seek advice if possible as all our patients will be contacted by the surgery.
Thank you for your support and understanding.


Monday 12th of October

The branch surgery at Kennington Health Centre to be resuming routine NHS services from the 12th of October. 
We will continue running a "book on the day" appointment system for GP contact and in common with all the GP Practices in Oxfordshire and across the county, most of our GP appointments are now being carried out over the phone, video links or on line. Only, those  people for whom a face-to-face  appointments is clinically appropriate will be seen in person.
These new ways of working mean there is less risk of becoming infected or spreading Covid-19
The Saturday Flu clinics for the Kennington and its surrounding area's population will be still carried out at the Kennington Village Hall until the end of October.
#BotleyMedicalCentre#goodnews#Thank you all#

Children & School Advise - Covid 19


Wear a Mask

*Appointment system*

This Practice is running a "book on the day" appointment system. GP Appointments are released on a day to day basis. If you need to be contacted by the Doctor, please, phone the surgery on 01865 248719/01865 730911. The GP will call you back to perform a telephone or video consultation. If you need to be seen face to face, they will advise you on the system already in place for these visits.

For emergencies/urgent care there is a Doctor and a Paramedic on site that will contact you for assessment.

Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Physician Associate, Clinical Pharmacist, Social Prescriber's appointments,etc.. can be booked in advance.

# Be Covid-19 smart#
#Wear a mask#Keep social distancing#wash your hands#


If you do not have anyone who can support you during these Pandemic , NHS Volunteer Responders are there for you. They can help with picking up shopping, prescriptions, or any other essentials you need. They’re also on hand if you’d like a friendly chat or just want someone to talk to. Call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm) to arrange volunteer support. Further details about the programme, and the support available can be found by visiting online:


From Monday the 30th of March, our branch surgery at Kennington  will be one of the Coronavirus clinics in Oxford. This clinic will provide patient care during the Coronavirus crisis for people with suspected Covid-19 infection.
PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE GP SURGERY IN PERSON. If you need health advice for suspected coronavirus, contact NHS 111 online or by phone. You can also contact your GP practice ( main site: Botley Medical Centre) through the online consultation service or by telephone if you are concerned about coronavirus or any other health condition. You will be offered a telephone appointment with a doctor if necessary. The doctor will decide if you also need to be seen face to face.
For prescriptions and other admin queries, please notice the you can request them on line, by phone or through the On Line consultation link in our website.
The most important thing you can do to stay safe, protect your family and protect your NHS doctors and nurses is to follow public health advice to stay at home and keep your distance from other people whenever possible.
#Stay Home# NHS

Welcome to Botley Medical Centre

(Branch Surgery: Kennington Health Centre, Kennington Road, Oxford. OX1 5PY )

Front of Botley Medical Centre

Botley Medical Centre serves the West Oxford area, from the railway station, through Botley to Farmoor (to the Toll Bridge at Eynsham), Cumnor, Appleton, Wootton Village and Boars Hill, Kennington, Radley and the surrounding areas . We also provide medical services to Oxford Brookes University Harcourt Hill campus.

We are a practice of General Practitioners, contracted to provide services in conjunction with NHS Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Our team includes a practice manager, Advanced Nurse Prescriber, Clinical Pharmacists, practice nurses, District Nurses, Health Visitors, a Midwife, a Counsellor, Health Care Assistants and patient services staff.

We aim to provide and improve the best care for our patients. We want to attain the highest standard of clinical practice and to maintain a support working environment for our staff.  

We have recently formed a Primary Care Network called White Horse and Botley Primary Care Network, we are working together with White Horse Medical Centre in Faringdon to improve the access to care for our patients.

Did you know that you can now have access to your medical records? Please, go to further information, Downloads, where you can find the form to request so.



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